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Our world is rapidly going mobile. More and more shoppers are making their transactions from their mobile devices. Keeping up with these business trends is extremely difficult, not to mention maintaining your day to day operations. Who has the time?

L6 Design can help you navigate through these challenges to ensure your business is on the forefront of technology and trends. As consumers are adopting smart devices at an astounding pace, this opens the door for more creative opportunities to engage in new ways.

“Millennials are changing the mobile landscape… The group is projected to have a purchasing power of $2.45 trillion by 2015 and prefers mobile as their number-one way to be reached and interact.”- Steve French global vice president at Amdocs’ OpenMarket

Features That Matter

The Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Apps!

Loyalty Cards

We have a variety of Loyalty Card Features that will keep your customers back time and time again.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

Buy 7 get the 8th one free – discounts on your next purchase – time limited or continuous offers. Incentive’s for your customers to use your app and ultimately your business. (69% of consumers said rewards make them more likely to shop with a brand (Cherry London)

Custom Appearance

We can customize the look and feel of your app to match your logo, colors and themes. Keeping your branding consistent.


Corporate branding is important, which is why we can tailor your app to match your existing corporate color scheme and logos.

Social Integration

Connect your social media platforms into your business app. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr


With the ability to bring your social media streams right into your app, you can connect with your customers all in one place.

Mobile Reservations

Let your customer easily make reservations and appointments – right from your very own mobile app.


Whether it’s to book a dinner for two – or to book an appointment at your favorite barbershop, our app reservations feature gets your customer in touch with you – easily


Entice your audience to make an unplanned visit and stop in to redeem that irresistible offer.


Allow your customers to have exclusive offers directly from your mobile app. Reach your specific audience every time

Push Notifications

Our Push Notifications Feature allows you to instantly send messages right to your customers phone or tablet.


Send messages to all your customers – or even just to customers within a certain radius of your business – an extremely powerful marketing tool.

And Over 20 Other Amazing Features!!

We Make Your Life Easier

It’s Easier Than You Think

We simplify the app building process making the building of your business app as hassle free as possible, guiding you through from concept to launch.

Mobile Is The Future

Apps are here to stay and not having a mobile presence can set your business behind the curve. Having a mobile app can position you ahead of your competitors.

Sky Rocket Your Business

Increase customer loyalty and retention and take your business to the next level with minimal cost and Maximum Impact.

Shout Out To Your Customers!

How would you like to the ability to get your marketing message, right into the hands of your customers? With our Push Notifications, you can. User interaction with your mobile app has been shown to significantly increase with this feature, which is why we have it as one of our main features in all of our apps.

Why This Is Important To You

More Customer Visits

50-60% of customers don’t return after their first visit.
We help you get them back in the door
up to 50% more often.

Increase Spend Per Visit

Spend-based rewards can get customers
spending up to 10%
more every time they visit!

Here’s How It Works

We help you create a custom rewards program.

With a one on one consultation we will identify the perfect rewards program for you and your business!

Customers join by just downloading the App

We place marketing materials at your business driving traffic to the App.

You get complete control

You have the ability to customize and control what programs and rewards are available when.

Apps Developed

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

As Entrepreneurs and Business Owners we strive to create a solution that the world needs. How well we create and identify that solution, often times, directly results in our level of effectiveness.  We all spend countless hours behind the scenes perfecting our craft. This is where L6 Design was born. Our passion is to help you take the next step in your journey, to help develop and nurture your entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal is to help launch your business to the next level! We look forward to connecting with you.

-Mitch London- L6Design

What They Are Saying

“Mitch London’s high quality education of marketing is wrapped up in a compassionate man who wants to hear your story and see your vision from your standpoint. He then combines the information about you with his expertise to create a plan and process that will propel your business to the next level. I truly feel he is in my court and not just giving me a cookie cutter solution.”

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